Freelance : all the new rules on your rights and duties as a self-employed person in Portugal

Work as a freelancer in Portugal can be quite complicated specially when you don't speak Portuguese. Hopefully Bob is here to explain to you the new rules if you are a self-employed person in Portugal. The Portuguese Government has decided to modify the social protection rules in case of sickness, unemployment and parenthood for all self-employed in Portugal as from 1 July 2018. Indeed, a decree has been promulgated and it changes the rules for people working as a freelancer in Portugal. Disability, unemployment, parenthood, many points are changed regarding the rights and duties of freelancers in Portugal. What are the new rules for people working as freelancers in Portugal ? Which deadlines are modified ? Bob, the expatriate assistant in Portugal, tells you all about the changes to the rights and duties of freelancer in Portugal.



New rules for the self-employed in Portugal as from 1 July


From 1 July 2018 will come significant changes in the social protection of self-employed in Portugal, whose government has just changed the legal systems of social protection in case of illness, unemployment and parenthood. The decree that has just been promulgated contains the following changes:


- Health insurance scheme and waiting period for sick leave


Self-employed workers will be entitled to sickness benefits from the 11th day of sick leave (currently the waiting period is 30 days before being compensated).


- Parental protection scheme


Self-employed workers in Portugal will now be entitled to parental benefits to care for sick children and grandchildren.

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They can also claim a right to the allowance in case of birth of grandchildren, corresponding to a period of 30 consecutive days after the birth of the baby.


- Unemployment protection scheme


Period of guarantee :


All contribution periods can now be taken into account when calculating entitlements to unemployment benefits, regardless of the beneficiary's social protection system. The duration of the guarantee for the self-employed becomes the same as for the employees of the private sector with a period of 360 days in the 24 months preceding the cessation of activity.


Some conditions for access to unemployment benefits change:


For self-employed persons who are economically dependent on a client and who are aware of a breach of contract, it is necessary that they have been considered economically dependent on this entity only during the calendar year immediately preceding the termination of the service contract. . The period is shortened.


For freelancers in Portugal, the reduction in turnover from the activity that will be taken into account to be considered as a "significant reduction" will be reduced from 60% to 40% in the year concerned and in the two previous years. Thus, more people will have access to unemployment benefits in Portugal.


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