Mandatory and optional insurance as freelancer in Portugal

You made the decision to come live and work as a freelancer in Portugal? As a self-entrepreneur there are certain obligations that you must respect in terms of insurance. The subject may seem nebulous when one does not know Portuguese language and legislation but it is important to know your obligations as a freelancer in Portugal. What are the compulsory insurance as a self-employed person in Portugal? Do I have to take a professional multi-risk for my auto-entrepreneur activity? Lisbob, the expats assistant in Portugal tells you everything, in partnership with Inov Expat.

You will know everything about mandatory and optional insurance as freelancer in Portugal

You will know everything about mandatory and optional insurance as freelancer in Portugal


Freelance, self-employed, micro-entrepreneur. Whatever its name, the professional activity of a self-employed worker is in full swing, favored by the development of the internet and mobility.

It is true that when the choice is free, the advantages are attractive: freedom of the schedules, choice of the missions, flexibility, without counting a better balance between professional life and personal life.

The self-employed worker, however, also has duties and obligations. In terms of insurance, you are thus legally obliged to take out insurance covering accidents at work (seguro de acidentes de trabalho) and a professional multi-risk insurance is highly recommended, even mandatory for certain professions.

Work accident insurance: an obligation for freelance in Portugal

Since the introduction of the recibo verde insurance against accidents at work is compulsory in Portugal. In case of empresario em nome individual the obligation is the same. If you are already an employee of another company you must still subscribe. Attention because in case of non-compliance with this obligation you incur fines ranging from 50 to 500 euros. Living in Portugal is also discovering that there are fines for everything.


The only category exempted from this obligation to subscribe to an industrial accident insurance is that the production is intended for their own consumption, as for example the farmers.



The insurance covers compensation and benefits legally due in the event of an accident at work in the event of temporary incapacity or death;

Workplace accident is defined as an accident that takes place: where your service is performed; when traveling between your home and the place where services are provided; and also on the trips related to the activity (meals, meetings).


Geographic coverage

Valid throughout the Portuguese territory (Madeira Islands and Azores included) and in the countries of the European Union for a period of 15 days renewable by specific agreement with your insurer.


Professional multi-risk insurance: to be serene in your self-entrepreneur activity


Beyond this obligation of occupational accident insurance, it is sometimes necessary to add a professional multi-risk insurance. Indeed it is better to be serene in his activity and focus on his job, rather than having to deal with unforeseen events that can sometimes be expensive. Burglary, water damage, fire and others: you must be able to take quick action in case of trouble.


For example, if you work from home, chances are you already have personal insurance. Attention because the hazards involved in the context of the professional activity are not supported by a personal insurance. Bob will be better able to advise you than to find out about the covers available,

In addition, certain professional categories have the obligation to subscribe to a particular professional insurance (lawyer, construction, accountant, architect, real estate agent ...). So take a look at the different offers available to focus on your business and succeed as a freelancer in Portugal.

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