Everything you need to know about freelancing accounting taxes legal status registration how to succeed in Portugal

The ultimate guide about freelancing in Portugal

The ultimate guide about freelancing in Portugal

The ultimate guide to become freelancer and be successful in Portugal.

This book is not intended to convince you to try the self-entrepreneur adventure in Portugal.

This book aims to explain clearly and in English how to become, work and succeed as a freelancer in Portugal. No more no less.

Whether you are a graphic designer, yoga teacher, web developer, photographer or if you decide to rent your property, this guide will surely be of great use.

Do not wait and discover the ultimate guide about freelancing in Portugal.


Accounting, Taxes, Legal Status, Networking, everything is covered in this guide dedicated to whoever wants to become a self-entrepreneur in Portugal.

Working as a freelancer has never been easier thanks to Bob, the expatriate's assistant in Portugal.


Join the community of smart expats. With this guide you will have all the cards in hand

to work and succeed as a freelancer in Portugal. A book to know everything




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