Everything about real estate health tax insurance retiring as NHR in Portugal


The ultimate guide to retiring under the sun and not paying taxes.

In this guide we will unveil the basics of what you need to know in order to best prepare for your retirement in Portugal as an NHR. Tax, real estate, house staff, insurance, health, driving license, Bob will give you the keys to a serene retirement in Portugal.

A guide that will accompany you during your expatriation project, whether you are at the stage of the simple idea or even if you already prepare your bags. You have never been so ready to embark on a fabulous project: live your retirement in Portugal as a non-habitual resident.

Whatever the reasons for planning your expatriation we are sure that this book will be of great help to you.

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Bob offers you as well :

- Traffic laws explained in English

- Glossary with important vocabulary in English

- Check-list to ask for ISV tax exemption and save thousands of euros !


Taxes, Health, NHR, Real Estate, Insurance : Everything is covered in this guide dedicated to whoever wants to drive safe and in good standing in Portugal.

Retiring as NHR in Portugal has never been easier thanks to Bob, the expatriate's assistant in Portugal.

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Join the community of smart expatriates. With this guide you will have all the cards in hand

to retire as NHR in Portugal. One book to know everything