Everything about legal forms taxes recruitment funding in Portugal

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The ultimate guide to start your business in Portugal. This book by Lisbob is not intended to convince you to try the startup adventure in Portugal.

This book aims to explain clearly and in English how to create, finance and grow your business in Portugal.

Startup, Microenterprise, SME, everyone will find in this guide most of what you need to know to undertake in Portugal. The 2019 edition of the Lisbob Guide will be the perfect companion for creating your startup in Lisbon or elsewhere in Portugal.

Financing, legal status, networks, taxes : everything is explained in this guide which will help you open your business in Portugal. Lisbob : the expats assistant in Portugal.


The best book to start a business in Portugal. Everything is clear in the 130 pages of this ultimate guide to entrepreneurship in Portugal.

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Creating your startup has never been so easy thanks to Lisbob, the expats’ assistant in Portugal.


Join the community of smart expatriates. With this guide you will have all the cards in hand

to start a business in Portugal. One book to know everything !


how to open a company in Portugal cover medium.png