The idea of Lisbob came from a simple fact: there is no specialized company who can help expats having a better and easier life in Lisbon. After having living in 4 different countries Lisbob decided to make the best from his experiences in the creation of Lisbob : a service that will change the life of expats.

  • Lisbob was born in June 2017, in a place that is still kept secret;

  • Lisbob is the winner of the Entreprendre.Pt Business Creation Award organized in October 2017 at the Embassy of France;

  • In October 2018, Lisbob was nominated in the Startup category of the CCILF Luso-French Trophies.

  • 2019 : Lisbob opens in Spain and Italy

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Lisbob, it’s also partnerships with big brands and companies in order to help expats anywhere in Europe, such as :