Lisbon Airport is the sixth worst in the world in terms of punctuality

The airline statistics company OAG (Official Airline Guide) has published its latest ranking on the punctuality of airports and airlines. And the least we can say is that Portugal does not shine particularly, whether through these airports or its airlines. Indeed, according to the ranking established by OAG, Lisbon Airport ranks 6th (from the end) of the global airport punctuality ranking for the period between June 2017 and May 2018, out of a total of 513 airports in the world. the world. TAP ranks 122nd out of 137 airlines in the OAG rankings. How do Portuguese airports rank in terms of punctuality? What is the place occupied by Portuguese airlines in this ranking? Bob, the expatriate assistant in Portugal, tells you everything about this ranking.




Portuguese airports among the least punctual in the world


According to the Statistical Information Society for Aviation, Humberto Delgado Airport outperforms only airports outside the European Union such as Mumbai (India), Puerto Princesa (Philippines), Jakarta (Indonesia), Islamabad (Pakistan) and Tunis (Tunisia) in terms of the punctuality index. The largest Portuguese airport has a punctuality rate of 60.7%. OAG's ranking for airports is dominated by Japan's Nagoya Komaki Airport, with 94.5%. Of a total of 513 airports, Lisbon ranked 508th. In the case of airports, punctuality is defined by OAG as departures and arrivals that take place up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time.



Portugal's other domestic airports are also among the lowest ranked in the world (with only one in five possible stars) in terms of punctuality. The airport of Porto has a punctuality index of 67.5% (occupying the 484th place) and Ponta Delgada of 68.8% (469th place). Faro raises the average since its airport has obtained two stars in this ranking, reaching 73.5% (413e) of punctuality




Punctuality of airlines: TAP at the bottom of the ranking


As far as airlines are concerned, TAP and SATA got two stars in the punctuality ranking for the month of May (arrivals up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time). TAP ranks 122nd out of 137 airlines surveyed, with a 63.8% non-delayed arrival rate, while SATA ranks 101st with 71.5%. The ranking of the most punctual airlines was dominated in May by the Korean group T'way Air, with 95.6%.


This Thursday, the airline TAP and ANA, the manager of the Portuguese national airports, returned the responsibility for cancellations and delays in flights. The airline said it suffered "serious damage" in its punctuality because of the "heavy constraints and limitations" of Lisbon airport and air traffic control, which have worsened in recent years.


In response, the ANA came out saying that it could not accept that the TAP would blame it for cancellation and delays, while the lack of punctuality in the companies can be caused by "oversized operations compared to the fleet and crew 'available.


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