Google opens a new development center in Portugal : 1,000 jobs to be filled

Portugal is known to attract major global groups in the field of new technologies and it is not uncommon to hear about the European Silicon Valley. The trend is confirmed even more today with the announcement made Wednesday, June 13 by Kent Walker, vice president of Google for international development. Indeed this year Portugal will host a training center and development of the operating system of Google Android with 1,000 positions to the key. When is planned the opening of this Google center in Portugal? Where will it be located? Bob, the expatriate assistant in Portugal, tells you all about the opening of the Google Development Center and its 1,000 vacancies.


Portugal, European leader in the digital economy?


Portugal is the leader in the economics of digital applications in Europe. Countless global groups have settled in order to take advantage of an environment conducive to development. Google has made no mistake and committed to launch an unprecedented pilot project with the support of the Portuguese government to train more than a thousand Android programmers in Portugal by the end of the year


These are the words of Kent Walker, vice president of Google for Global Development, in an announcement to explain the future investments of the company in Portugal. This presentation was made in the presence of the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, visiting Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Silicon Valley.


"Our belief is that Portugal is one of the leading countries in the digital economy in Europe, and we want to continue to support the Portuguese government's efforts to expand the digitalisation of its economy," said Kent Walker.

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One thousand vacancies by the end of the year


The project will start at the end of the year in Oeiras, through an open selection process and will have a thousand places for training and development of solutions for the Android operating system. There will of course be different posts related to the activity of the site.


António Costa described the investment as "extremely important" for the country, given the value of the mobile application industry in the global market. In addition, it can provide Portugal with a "central position as a leading country in the development of new technologies".


Advertisements for vacancies will be published shortly.

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