Portuguese yellow vests join carriers' strike and threaten to block the 25th of April bridge on Monday

The strike of the fuel carriers is gaining momentum in Portugal. While everyone thought of spending a rather quiet month in August, the fuel shortage is already being felt in the country and the government has declared a state of energy crisis, requisitioning the army to provide the minimum service. As if that was not enough, Coletes Amarelos (the Portuguese yellow vests) decided to join the strike and call for the blocking on Monday, August 12th of the famous bridge of April 25th. Other actions are also planned in other parts of the country. After the show of force failed last November when the movement had struggled to gather, the yellow jackets-yellow hope this time mobilize. What are the Portuguese yellow jackets? What actions will be put in place? Lisbob, the expatriate's assistant in Portugal, tells you all about this energy crisis and this movement of Portuguese yellow-jackets.

Portuguese yellow vests join carriers' strike and threaten to block the 25th of April bridge on Monday

Portuguese yellow vests join carriers' strike and threaten to block the 25th of April bridge on Monday

Yellow vests join the carriers


The Portuguese yellow vests will mobilize to protest against rising fuel prices. The mobilization is scheduled for August 12 and will serve to strengthen the strike drivers - scheduled the same day.


Thus, a slow march and a demonstration in the Assembly of the Republic are planned. On the Facebook page of the "Yellow Movement Portugal", the organization asks the stakeholders to make the reflective vest on the dashboard very visible so as not to be blocked. It will also help the demonstrators to identify with each other.

25th April’s bridge blocked ?


The Portuguese yellow vests will meet at the Macdonald's Corroios at 08:00 and the Intermodal Malveira at 8:00. The start of the march is scheduled for 09:30 and the estimated time of arrival at the Assembly is 11:00.


According to the newspaper Eco, the government has already been alerted to the possibility of a blockade of the bridge of 25 April and a slow walk on the highways connecting Lisbon to Porto (A1) and Lisbon to Algarve (A2). We remember that the movement of the Portuguese yellow vests had trouble taking off and imitating the movement from France.



A shortage of fuels already visible

In the Portuguese capital, it's already the panic. Indeed following the announcement of the establishment of the state of energy crisis, which imposes rationing for each user, it is the rush to the fuel stations.


Many people who abuse and exceed the limits, some even come to the hands, but the observation is the same: a wind of panic blows during this month of August. Here is the situation of the fuel stations in Lisbon this Saturday morning :

Army is ready to help the government

Army is ready to help the government

The Portuguese government has decreed the state of energy crisis since Friday, August 9 23:59, which allows it to requisition the army to meet the minimum service.

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