Cockroaches by the thousands and rats the size of a rabbit : Lisbon invaded by parasites and pests

Lisbon is not recognized as the cleanest and most hygienic city in the world. Indeed, there are many concerns of garbage collection, cleaning of public spaces, even if the Portuguese capital makes efforts on this point. Unfortunately, this year saw the invasion of 2 species: cockroaches and rats. Since May, the number of complaints has exploded, and hygiene services are overwhelmed. A Rat-disinfestation has already occurred this week, but it seems that the problem is persistent. Which neighborhoods in Lisbon are affected by this invasion of rats and cockroaches? What are the measures taken by the city hall of the Portuguese capital? Lisbob, the assistant of the expats in Portugal, tells you all about this invasion which is cold in the back.

Cockroaches by the thousands and rats the size of a rabbit : Lisbon invaded by parasites and pests

Cockroaches by the thousands and rats the size of a rabbit : Lisbon invaded by parasites and pests

Campo de Ourique, Baixa-Chiado, Parque des Nações, Mouraria, Olivais and Estrala invaded, but a downward trend


Many residents of Lisbon used social networks to denounce this invasion of roaches and rats. Indeed, the group "Lisboa - Higiena Urbana" on Facebook saw the number of complaints multiply. The comments on the publication clearly showed that the problem was not specific to this part of the capital, where cockroaches "went into the shops and went up to the houses". Residents of Campo de Ourique, Estrela, Mouraria, Olivais and Chiado complained to the municipality. "Cockroaches and rats the size of a rabbit," said a resident of Penha de França. This year alone, 1,237 complaints have already been lodged with the Lisbon Municipal Council (CML).


By analyzing data from previous years, pests (cockroaches, rats) are common during the summer because of the hot weather. Every year from the month of May the number of complaints increases (205, against about 60 in April). The hottest months resulted in an exponential increase in the number of pest and nuisance complaints in Lisbon. In 2017, the Lisbon City Council had received a total of 2,283 complaints, compared with 2,000 for 2018.

"These incidents are predominant between the spring and the fall and the trend is to decrease the number of complaints compared to the two previous years. This decrease, despite the presence of favorable weather conditions for the development of these pests and parasites, is linked to the pest control effort deployed by the municipal services ", explains the town hall, which ensures the identification of the areas of the city the most exposed to the appearance of pests and parasites and "acts accordingly".


The origin of cockroaches and rats, adds the town hall, is varied and "can come from wastewater collectors or stagnant water, areas near the Tagus, garbage".


Rat-disinfestation and cockroaches-disinfestation performed this week


The Lisbon City Council also assured that the municipal services had proceeded to the rat and cockroaches-disinfestation of the network of collectors last week and that, consequently, the thousands of cockroaches and rats had come out of the sewers, "for the purpose of to escape, before dying shortly thereafter. " In anticipation, the parish councils, competent to sweep the streets, were invited to proceed with the cleaning of the zones of intervention".


Lisbon invaded by rats !

Lisbon invaded by rats !

Did you see cockroaches or rats this week in Lisbon? If so, you can report the problem directly to the municipal services of the Portuguese capital.

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