Nature Lovers, Lisbon Municipality is offering a free compost heap to everyone

The initiative of the municipality aims to reduce the amount of urban waste and contribute to more ecological initiatives. Just need to sign up through the website.

If we count the number of times we are going to bother the neighbor on the side who has a garden always arranged, whether to order an onion, a leek or a "sprig of parsley," the fingers and toes of the whole family would not be enough. Having a vegetable garden requires some commitment and dedication, but the municipality of Lisbon wants to facilitate the process, while contributing to a better environment by offering a homemade composter to anyone who wants it.

The initiative "Lisboa a Compostar", in partnership with Valorsul, aims to reduce the more than 600 tons of garbage that are produced every year, only in the city. Everyone with a backyard, yard or garden can sign up through the local authority's website.


After that, the Chamber contacts the owners to deliver the composer and schedule a training action where they will learn everything they need to start recycling their waste.

But after all, what is compost? It is the product that results from the biological transformation of the organic waste that we normally throw in the trash. They can be fruit peels, vegetable trimmings, eggshells. By leaving this waste in a composter, after some time will have a beautiful fertilizer and natural fertilizer that can be used in your home garden.

The compost heap, in addition to be free, is delivered to each of the citizens who sign up, the day they participate in the training action.

Bob is Expats Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal.

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