Exclusive : The City of Lisbon unveils its new monument: the Cristiano Rei

Football holds a very important place in Portuguese culture, and the country's victory at the 2016 European Football Cup will remain one of the highlights of its contemporary history. To live in Portugal is also to listen to locals talking about their god: Cristiano Ronaldo. The genius of the ball will be entitled to an homage XXL, the image of his career and his statistics. Bob, the expatriate's assistant in Portugal, tells you everything.

Whoever is considered as one (if not) the best player in the world and all time had for the moment right to more or less creative tributes. We remember the bronze bust that created the controversy. The resemblance to the person concerned is not obvious.

cristiano ronaldo lol.jpg

Coming soon to the last years of his career at the top level worldwide, Portugal and more particularly Lisbon has decided to pay a tribute to the image of Cristiano Ronaldo: XXL. Indeed the city of Lisbon has unveiled this April 1 its new monument: the Cristiano Rei. This 77-meter-high sculpture (a nod to its favorite number) will overlook the 25 de Abril bridge instead of Cristo Rei, which does not attract enough tourists.

The authorities hope that the attraction will bring its share of visitors from around the world. A CR7 amusement park is already planned on the heights of Almada with 25 football pitches, 50 bifana stalls and a parking lot of 10.000 places!

We have no doubt that this announcement, made April 1 will be trending but suspicious. Nevertheless Bob advises you to wait until April 2 to be sure of the truth of the facts ;)

Bob is Expats Assistant in Portugal.

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