Legalisation of your foreign car in Portugal

Lisbob does all the paperwork for you :Car Inspection Coaching, ISV Tax Exemption request, New License Plates.

Enjoy Portugal with this package while Lisbob takes car of everything.


1. Verification


We check and double-check that all required documents and information to legalize your car are correct.

2. Car Inspection


We take appointment and go with you at the car inspection. We prepared all necessary paperwork for you.

3. Paperworks


How could we explain more clearly : We do ALL the paperwork for you :)

4. ISV Tax Exemption


Of sure you will pay 0 euros of ISV tax.

5. License Plates


We order license plates and deliver them to you. That's it !


Et voilà ! Live in Portugal has never been easier.

1 only appointment, 1 contact, 0 issues

car legalisation in Portugal

Lisbob is an official partner of the Automóvel Club of Portugal, member organization of the FIA (International Automobile Federation). By combining the ACP's expertise with Lisbob's experience you are in good hands.

Why should I go through Lisbon ? +

By entrusting us with your car import and tax exemption ISV, you are sure to go through an official and recognized partner of public utility. Your documents are in good hands and our deadlines are short.

Can I drive while the proceedings are in progress ? +

Yes: thanks to our UNIQUE formula on the market, you receive a temporary gray card recognized by the Portuguese and foreign police and that will allow you to drive while we take the steps. Do not look for it: we are the ONLY ones to propose it to you.

How long do the process take ? +

Once we sign all the documents and the file is completed, it takes 1 month to 1 month and a half to receive your license plates and be able to insure your vehicle.

Are there the hidden fees ? +

No ! Apart from the fuel to come to meet us and the cost of the technical control, absolutely ALL is included in our package: IMT file fees, gray-card fee, license plates, stamps, proxies, even VAT is included.

Why the technical inspection is not included in your package ? +

For legal and practical reasons: you give your TIN (tax number) when settling the technical control, and you will recover taxes on your tax return.

Are there other advantages to entrusting you with the process ? +

A lot ! By going through Lisbob you also access the ACP member network: you become a Gold member for 12 months and you benefit from :

  • Assistance on the road even abroad
  • 10 cents off the price of fuel
  • Home repair
  • Doctor and home specialist
  • And many other benefits

How can I register ? +

It's very simple: just fill out your online form to fill in the requested information and send us the necessary documents.

I do not have all the documents yet, can I start registration ? +

Of course : while waiting for the COC for example, you can secure your appointment and send us what you already have in your possession. We prepare your file and you can send us the rest later.


Included: VAT, Car inspection Coaching, New V5 , Licenses Plates, 1 year ACP subscription :)

Not included : Car inspection fee (78€ on which you get tax refund)

Lisbob legalizes your car in Portugal from A to Z.

One contact, one appointment, one meeting : don't lose time anymore.

You are keeping updated in real-time of the legalization of your car.


Questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us