Foreign Vehicle Import in Portugal

Lisbob does all the paperwork for you : Legalisation Request, Car Inspection Coaching, ISV Tax Exemption request, New License Plates.

Enjoy Portugal with this package while Lisbob takes car of everything.




We check and double-check that all required documents and information to legalize your car are correct.

Car Inspection


We take appointment and go with you at the car inspection. We prepared all necessary paperwork at your place.

Official Procuration


Just after car inspection we go at Notary to sign procuration in order to legalize your car at your place.

Importation Request


How could we explain more clearly : We do ALL the paperwork for you.

Custom Services


We declare the importation of your vehicle at Custom Services.

ISV Tax Exemption


Once the vehicle registered we can request for ISV Tax exemption.

License Plates


We order license plates and deliver them to you. That's it!


Et voilà ! Live in Portugal has never been so easy.

1 only appointment, 1 only contact, 1 only trip


Don't lose more time, legalize your car online now.

Required documents :

- ID Document

- Certificate of Conformity (C.O.C.)

- Vehicle Documentation

- Resident Certificate


service cost : 999 euros

Included: VAT, Car inspection Coaching, Procurations, Handling fee , Licenses Plates, Our Service :)

Not included : Eventual Tax Exemption (simulation here)


Bob legalizes your car in Portugal from A to Z..

One contact, one appointment, one meeting : don't lose time anymore.

You are keeping updated in real-time of the legalization of your car.


Questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us