Portugal Weather: Enjoy the sun ! 5 days of storm from Monday in Portugal


Live in Portugal, 300 days of sunshine a year, a warm weather ... But not all the time. Indeed according to the IPMA (Portuguese Institute for the Sea and the Atmosphere) a storm episode from North Africa will affect Portugal from February 26th. It will first touch the coast and then sink into the land and affect the entire country. However the rain is good news for the groundwater of Portugal. Bob, the Expats Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal tells you everything.


5 days of rain and wind in Portugal, and maybe more

Regarding the temperature the maximum will drop by 6 degrees, so they should be between 14ºC and 16ºC on the coast, and between 10ºC and 13ºC in the land. The minimums will also change and will generally be 5ºC degrees Celsius.

It will snow in heights above 1,000 meters. The wind will blow from the southeast and will oscillate between the moderate and the strong (50 to 110 km / hour). An orange alert is expected.
In addition to the deteriorating conditions throughout the country, the atmosphere will be affected by cloudy weather, strong instability and sustained showers accompanied by thunderstorms and hail.


This situation, which will last at least 5 days, could last much longer. Indeed according to the forecasts of the Weather Channel rain should be at least until March 13th! Bob therefore advise you to enjoy this sunny weekend.

Good news for Portugal and its drought

The rain that will fall on the whole of Portugal nevertheless has a positive side. Indeed 94% of the national territory is affected by the lack of water: a disastrous situation that affects the farmers first, but which worries the whole population.

Portugal is facing a severe drought that affects almost the entire country. The water tables are at the lowest and rain will only be good for them. However the situation will require much more than a few days of rain. Experts say that it will take two months of heavy, daily rain to reverse the situation.

These are the forecasts of 5 consecutive days of intense and severe rains across the country. Living in Portugal does not always mean sun and heat.


Bob is Expats Personal Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal.

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