Weather: negative temperatures and snow in Alentejo


Who said that living in Portugal was synonymous with sun and heat all year long? Indeed winters are sometimes rough especially in the lands and north of Portugal. From this weekend a stream of polar air from northern Europe will reach Portugal and will cause a significant drop in the thermometer. Plan gloves and hat because Bob, the Expats Personal Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal, tells you everything.


A cold wave that will intensify in Portugal

This very cold situation should intensify further next week and negative temperatures are likely to be reached in the Alentejo and it is very likely that the light showers will turn into a snowpack. These conditions will be expected until next Wednesday.

A situation under the surveillance of the Portuguese authorities

The authorities are monitoring the situation and are reminding citizens of the measures to be taken in the event of an extreme cold wave. Portugal is unfortunately known for the poor insulation of its homes, wind and moisture infiltrate more easily. It is advisable to ventilate regularly and not to leave the heating appliances on the road unattended.

Bob reminds that it is not uncommon to see snow in Portugal even outside the mountains. So last year snow fell in the Algarve and already in Alentejo.

Bob is Expats Personal Assistant In Lisbon and Portugal.

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