Insurance for fishermen and pleasure boat in Portugal : leisure, sport or professional fishing

Portugal is known for its variety of activities. Indeed, these large wildernesses allow nature lovers to indulge in different hobbies. Fishing is a part of it and it is important to know your insurance obligations. As in other European countries, Portugal imposes a certain number of rules to be fulfilled in order to be able to engage in the practice of the fishing and drive a pleasure boat, that it is occasional for the leisure or professional. Every fisherman must be careful to be in good standing about insurance. Some fishermen are legally required to take out insurance to be able to fish. What compulsory insurance to subscribe to be able to fish ? What are the covers offered ? Lisbob, the expatriate assistant in Portugal, tells you all about the different types of insurance for fishermen to fish safely.

Everything you need to know about Insurance for fishermen in Portugal

Everything you need to know about Insurance for fishermen in Portugal

Professional fishing


Anyone who practices professional fishing in Portugal must ensure the safety of fishermen who work for themselves. The owner of the vessel (owner of the vessel) is obliged to take out insurance in the event of death, disappearance at sea or absolute and permanent incapacity of the members of his crew.


The insurance is paid to the insured person or his heirs in case of death or death, unless the crew member has indicated other beneficiaries in a will.


Attention, this insurance does not replace the insurance against accidents at work, also required by law.

Leisure or sport fishing


The recreational fishing activity is not subject to the obligation to take out insurance. However, it is advisable, because of the risks involved, to take out an individual accident insurance. In case of an accident during recreational fishing, you will not be covered if you have not subscribed to this type of insurance. Check the conditions of these sport fishing or fishing insurances by contacting your insurer or online broker.


Although it is not compulsory to take out fishing insurance, fishermen who fish as a hobby have the obligation to obtain a fishing license.

Whether are the reasons for you to fish, it’s better to have an insurance

Whether are the reasons for you to fish, it’s better to have an insurance

Pleasure boat


Anyone who owns a pleasure boat in Portugal (for fishing or any other type of activity) is obliged to take out an insurance policy guaranteeing third party liability for damage to third parties.


Under Portuguese law, a pleasure craft includes any device or device of any kind (eg boat, watercraft, motorized vessel) used or capable of being used as a means of surface movement in water, in recreation or in water sports.


This insurance does not include damage caused to the persons in charge of the control of the boat or those caused to the boat itself. Portuguese law lays down the rules to be observed when concluding third-party liability insurance contracts for damage caused to third parties by the use of pleasure craft.

Tour operators


If you like fishing but you use tour operators instead of doing it at your own risk, be aware that all maritime tour operators operating on Portuguese territory have the obligation to take out insurance covering risks to health and safety. passenger safety. So while passing by a tour operators, you have the serenity to be assured during the practice of your favorite hobby.


Portuguese tour operators are required to take out the following insurance:


• Personal accident insurance for the recipients of the services ;

• Assistance insurance for recipients of services traveling from the national territory abroad under or by virtue of the service provided ;

• Liability insurance covering material and non-material damage caused by claims incurred during the provision of the service.

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