Guide to move to Portugal : preparation, steps and precautions for a perfect move

If you have made the decision to live in Portugal, your expatriation will necessarily go through a move. Leaving your country and moving to Portugal can become a brain teaser if you are unprepared and if you do not know which trusted carrier to turn to. The organisation of a move from United-Kingdom or another country to Portugal must be done with preparation and certain precautions must be taken. Indeed, moving to another country is not easy if you are not prepared. How to prepare for your move ? What are the precautions to take to move from your country to Portugal ? How to move to Portugal ? Lisbob, the expatriate assistant in Portugal, tells you everything about moving serenely to Portugal.


Move to Portugal has never been easier thank to Lisbob

Move to Portugal has never been easier thank to Lisbob

What are the available options to move from your country to Portugal?


There are different ways to make your move from your country to Portugal. Being an expat is not an easy business and relocate often represents the bond between an old and a new life. It is common to use professional international carriers to move your furniture, boxes as well as vehicles, to Portugal. This first option is a priori one of the safest, although it can be expensive, and the quality of the service will depend on the chosen carrier. Bob strongly recommends that you go through trusted professionals for your move.


Another option is to rent a van. In this case you must rent the vehicle in your country, load your belongings and furniture, and make the trip to Portugal. Usually, there are franchises in both countries that will allow you to drop the vehicle in Portugal. This solution is obviously less expensive, but it can be more complicated and exhausting. Packing, loading, transporting, traveling, unloading and assembling: you have to manage everything. With your best friends and courage this solution can be attractive, but if the movers are professionals there is a reason: it is a real job that you do not fully master.

Lisbob can only strongly recommend that you opt for the services of an international moving carrier. The internet references a range of carriers for your move to Portugal, but Bob can help you to receive several quality carriers offers. In addition, the company in charge of your move to Portugal will take care of the administrative procedures to ensure that everything is in order, such as customs clearance operations.

Moving to Portugal is exciting but can become quite challenging if not prepared

Moving to Portugal is exciting but can become quite challenging if not prepared


Carrier's quote for a move to Portugal: the obligations and pitfalls to avoid


In order to better prepare your move from your country to Portugal and become an expat, you must take many precautions, especially during the quote stage. Your part of the job is to list everything (everything!) that needs to be moved. We insist on being as precise as possible: try to list every single item, as well as the category in which they enter: should they be packed, only transported, or should they be fragile goods that require special care. It must also be specified whether it is necessary to dismantle or pack certain objects. Thus, you are already prepared your move to Portugal in the most optimal way. This allows you to take stock of the situation and specially to transmit the right information to the carrier.


Before you move to Portugal, it is essential to establish a document called the Statement of Significance. This document makes it possible to set, in case of loss, or damage of your goods during the delivery, a financial compensation based on the damage suffered. It is up to you to fill it out and to specify the total value of the goods to be transported, as well as the value of some special goods which unit value could exceed the contractual limit of the value per object. Without this document, it will not be possible for the carrier to provide you with a quote for your move to Portugal. Be careful not to underestimate this document nor the value of the goods to be delivered, as it is often a point of contention in case of damage suffered during the trip to Portugal.


Once all this information is transmitted, the mover will have to prepare a quote as accurate as possible, using the data that you have forwarded. The carrier's quote should include :

• Volume to be moved (usually expressed in cubic meters) ;

• Type of transport (truck, boat, rail, airplane) ;

• Carrier services (packaging / unpacking, dismantling / assembling, transporting) ;

• Departure address / place of removal of goods ;

• Final address of arrival in Portugal ;

• Finally, the most important: the price.


Bob obviously advises expats to request several quotes from different carriers in order to compare different offers and services. You can go to the “Moving” page in order to receive several quotes by clicking here. Bob's partners have been selected with the utmost care. Naturally, you can read the diverse reviews of previous customers. At this point, all you have to do is to choose the carrier you think is the most suitable for your move in Portugal.


If you are prepared, moving to Portugal will be easy

If you are prepared, moving to Portugal will be easy

The importance of a damage insurance for your move to Portugal.


In the majority of cases, a damage and property damage insurance will be suggested by the carrier in charge of your move to Portugal. If this is not the case, Bob strongly recommends expats to purchase one. Indeed, this insurance covers the potential damages during your trip and move. As we have mentioned above, the Statement of Significance is a key document for the safety of your move, partly because its value will be insured. Once again, it is more than recommended to subscribe to an insurance, as even with the most cautious carrier, you are not immune to any event causing minor damages to your furniture and items during such a long journey. This way, you will be covered, and this will allow you to be financially compensated. 

We advise you to keep an eye out carriers telling you that your goods are insured without providing you with a proof. This technique allows the mover to raise the bill, without offering a real insurance on your items. It is imperative that the carrier issues a certificate of insurance for your move to Portugal. The cost of this damage insurance is calculated according to the Statement of Significance. The higher it is, the higher the cost of the insurance will be. 


Damage insurance is not mandatory but is almost necessary

Damage insurance is not mandatory but is almost necessary

The delivery of your goods to Portugal 


It is the D day : your goods are disassembled, packed and loaded. You are moving to Portugal and becoming an expat ! It is your responsibility to inform the carrier of the departure time and the date of arrival. You may also plan the route that will be taken by your items, if you ever make the trip at the same time. Beware that some carriers do not deliver to the final address, but only to an access point. In this case, you will have to recover your goods at this same access point and then transfer them to you, and obviously, this will be at your expense. 

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Rules to know in regard to the payment and delivery of your goods to Portugal


When moving to Portugal, it is not unusual to pay the carrier in several installments. A first part is paid when loading your items, and the rest is due once the delivery has been made. Of course, this is not a universal rule as you may find other arrangements with the carrier in charge of your move to Portugal, notably according to the volumes transported. 

There are rules to follow with your carrier in charge of your move to Portugal. Indeed, during loading and delivery it is mandatory to sign a "consignment note". By signing this document, you give your consent to the carrier to start the move until the very end of it. This note includes the information you have agreed with the mover: 


- Contract terms ;

- Transported volume ;

- Customer’s name ;

- Carrier company ;

- Type of transport ;

- Loading and delivery address.


It is essential for you to carefully check your goods upon delivery before signing the "consignment note". Once signed, you will not be able to claim a damage that your goods might have undergone during the trip to Portugal. Becoming an expat is not easy but being prepared should make things smother.

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