Do I have to pay the ISV tax to legalize my vehicle in Portugal?


If you decide to come to live in Portugal then you will probably ask the question of the registration of your foreign vehicle. Portugal protects its domestic market and imposes very high import taxes : some expats have to pay of up to 5 digits. In some cases you can apply to be exempt from tax but these are not clear according to the sources. Do I have to pay the ISV tax to legalize my foreign vehicle in Portugal? Bob, the Expats Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal has created a free tool to check if you can benefit from the ISV tax exemption.


ISV tax exemption to legalize your car in Portugal

The above 18 years of age that have resided in a Member State of the European Union (EU) or other country for at least 12 months, they are entitled to drive for a minimum period of residence in the country of origin, and transferring residence to Portugal, can benefit from ISV, subject to compliance with certain conditions by the beneficiary and the vehicle.

Conditions change every year and different organizations are sometimes not aware of the latest changes. Thanks to Bob you know if you do not have the ISV tax. It's free !

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Of course, this tool tries to reproduce as much as possible the tax mechanisms implemented in Portugal on the importation of foreign vehicles but it can not be held responsible in case of a different answer from the competent authorities.

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