Complete list of all natural and organic stores in Lisbon


Living in Portugal is often synonymous with good meals, but the question of the quality of food often comes back when one speaks of expatriation in Portugal. The country has a long tradition of agriculture and organic food is already well developed especially in Lisbon. Portuguese supermarkets are starting to have organic products on their display but some people are looking for real organic shops also specialized in natural products. Bob, the Expats Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal, has prepared for you a map with the complete list of all organic and natural stores in Lisbon.

Yes they are all there and you have access to the schedules and the website of each organic shop in Lisbon.

If you live in Lisbon and have suggestions or remarks you can of course put them in comment. Eating and living in Portugal can also be said to have saudavel and healthy food.

Bob is Expats Personal Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal.

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