Everything you need to know about technical car inspection in Portugal

Living in Portugal with your vehicle also means complying with the mandatory car technical inspection. These inspections are used to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle and to detect any anomalies. When you import and legalise your car in Portugal the technical car inspection is the first step. Portugal is also inspecting the pollution in order to fight climate change. If you live in Portugal, you have to respect some deadlines to pass car inspection. What are the mandatory deadlines for your car to pass the technical control? How to pass the technical control for his car in Portugal ? Lisbob, the Expats Personal Assistant in Lisbon and Portugal, tells you everything.

You will know everything about car inspection in Portugal

You will know everything about car inspection in Portugal

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Download Lisbob : the 1 st mobile app for expats in Portugal !


A recent measure in Portugal


Mandatory technical control is a fairly recent measure in Portugal. The country has long had a high number of fatal accidents, and the state has decided to follow the European trend and impose a mandatory technical control.


Recently, the war against environmental pollution has made it possible to impose even stricter controls. Indeed, Portugal believes that if all its vehicles are checked, road safety will be ensured, also, it will protect the environment against pollution due to the gas released by poorly maintained vehicles.


What are the mandatory deadlines to pass the technical inspection in Portugal?


If you live in Portugal keep this article to remember the mandatory technical checks. Here is the list and the deadline of each mandatory inspection.


1 - First registration technical inspection (performed by the seller) ;


2 - Compulsory technical inspection 4 years after the first registration of the vehicle ;


3 - Mandatory technical inspection every 2 years after the 4 years check ;


4 - Compulsory technical inspection every year from the 8th year.


During a change of ownership there is no obligation to carry out a technical control on the vehicle sold / purchased.


If you make the decision to register your vehicle from your country of origin after obtaining residence in Portugal, you must pass a mandatory technical inspection. Bob can do his work for you, ask him.



How to pass the technical control in Portugal?


The technical control in Portugal is to be done in "Centro de Inspenção Técnica" (CITV) for a vehicle of category B. To know the technical inspection center closest to you, just click on the link below to reach to the official website.




On Lisbon one of the only available center is the center CIMA Poço Do Bispo Rua Da Cintura Do Porto De Lisboa (Phone 218683793). Once the appointment is made you just have to go to the inspection center with these documents :

-      Car documentation ;

-      Id Card ;

-      Insurance Certificate.


The technical control is quite fast in Portugal and you will gain safety and serenity.


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