Top 5 beaches with the hottest waters in Portugal

When we dive for the first time in the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, it is often a surprise that awaits us. In fact, the waters of Portugal's coasts are rather cold compared to those of the Mediterranean Sea. A period of mental and physical preparation is necessary to enjoy a swim in the waters of the beaches of Portugal. However, there are some places where the temperature of the water is warmer and warmer. Bob, the expatriate's assistant in Portugal, has gathered for you the top 5 beaches with warm waters so you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean without freezing.



1. Praia de São Torpes, Sines


The Brazilian magazine "Viagem e Turismo" has highlighted the temperature of the waters of this beach of Costa Alentejana. Located at a distance of 160 kilometers from the Portuguese capital, temperatures can reach 30 degrees. But this phenomenon is not really natural: the main responsible being the thermoelectric power plant installed at the bottom of the beach.


2. Praia da Manta Rota, Algarve


Located in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, this beach is known for its miles of fine sands, but not only. The water temperature is rather warm compared to the rest of the country, making it one of the most popular beaches in the region.

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3. Praia da Rocha, Algarve


One of the most popular beaches for tourists also has one of the warmest waters in Portugal. One kilometer of sand, where you should enjoy a pleasant climate, if you find a place to sit.


4. Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro, Sines


Located not far from Sines, this beach seduces by its beauty. It is part of the Southwest Alentejo Nature Park and its tropical waters will delight visitors. Moreover, it is an ideal place to observe the fauna and the wild flora.


5. Praia da Marinha, Algarve


Its notoriety is not new: in 1998 praia da Marinha received the Golden Beach Grand Prix by the Ministry of the Environment. She is also regularly featured in the list of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, just that. Located in Lagoa, the warm waters and picturesque cliffs attract visitors and ensure a beautiful day at the beach.

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