The mayor of Lisbon has changed his mind : the project of the new square Martim Moniz canceled

The redevelopment project of Martim Moniz Square, which included the construction of shops, bars and restaurants in containers, will not happen, announced the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina. Indeed, the Lisbon City Council decided not to proceed with the project to redevelop Martim Moniz Square, which it had presented last November, and which has since been strongly contested by local residents and shopkeepers. The mayor of Lisbon noted the "decision not to follow up on the project already presented and to launch a process of ideas" for the "reconfiguration of the square Martim Moniz" at the public meeting of the mayor of the Portuguese capital. The square, deserted for a few months, is only one example among others paralyzed projects. Why is the place Martim Moniz abandoned? What's going to happen ? Lisbob, the assistant of the expats in Portugal, tells you all about this decision which cancels the new project of the place Martim Moniz.

The project of the new square Martim Moniz canceled

The project of the new square Martim Moniz canceled

Pressure of inhabitants will have reason

Fernando Medina (PS Mayor of Lisbon) admitted that "after the debate that has taken place over the last few months and which has given rise to much criticism from the mayors of freguesia and the inhabitants, there is a legitimate and profound concern for the city, namely that Lisbon has changed a lot in recent years. The Baixa of Lisbon has become a tourist pressure area.


"I identify myself with this opinion. I think it makes sense. I think this is a reading that is important to listen to about the current state of the city of Lisbon " he said.

The mayor pointed out that "over the last few months", the executive has sought a "solution that suits the city of Lisbon", indicating that there was a dialogue with the project promoter and that there was would have a "unilateral termination of the contract" concession of the new square Martim Moniz.


Back to beginning, don’t forget to pay


Of course, this contract termination will have a cost for the Lisbon City Hall and therefore for the taxpayers. Regarding the financial compensation to be paid by the municipality to the developer, the Mayor of Lisbon said that it was not yet possible to quantify this compensation and that this issue would be made public in September.

The mayor also said that, for the moment, protective barriers will be removed and that Martim Moniz Square will be as it was before its "cleaning" earlier this year.


"I think it's a good solution for the city. A good solution for Martim Moniz. It does not cost me anything to change my mind, because I think that when we improve them, it is good for that to happen, "said Medina. We will agree with him that it's good for the city, but not that it costs absolutely nothing ...

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