List of the best beaches for topless, naturism and nudism in Portugal and the rules to follow

In recent years, the number of supporters of topless or nudism has increased in Portugal. For a long time, the topless, nudism and naturism are no longer considered as marginal practices, and places favorable to total exposure to the sun have blossomed. However, we must be careful to respect the practices of nudism in Portugal, and especially not to go wrong place! There are 8 official places recognized by the authorities and others that are less so. What are the best beaches for topless and nudism in Portugal ? What are the rules and practices to respect for naturism on Portuguese beaches ? Lisbob, the assistant of expats in Portugal, in partnership with Mysexybackpack , tells you all about the best beaches to do topless or nudism on Portuguese sand in 2019.

best nudist beach Portugal



Topless, naturism and nudism in Portugal: authorized and regulated activities


Although there are still some prejudices, the Portuguese people tolerate naturism and one of its most popular manifestations, nudism. With the approval of the naturist practice regime and the creation of official naturism spaces, this has become a legally accepted practice in Portugal. There are a total of eight officially nudist beaches in Portugal, on the outskirts of Lisbon, on the Alentejo coast and in the Algarve.


In addition to these beaches there are dozens of other sites by the sea with a long tradition of naturist, where this practice is tolerated and even accepted without being criticised by local residents. Lisbob has listed for you the beaches where topless, nudism and naturism are possible this summer in Portugal :

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Official list of naturist beaches recognised by the Portuguese authorities :


- Praia de Bela Vista


Located between the Costa da Caparica and the Fonte da Telha, in the municipality of Almada, this place is composed of a wide beach with dunes. Although it is also frequented by couples, it is highly sought after by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.



- Praia d'Adiça


Beginning at the end of the dirt road south of the town of Fonte da Telha, in the municipality of Almada, it is composed of a very wide beach, surrounded by vegetation.



- Praia do Meco


Situated between the Lagoa de Albufeira and Sesimbra, this wide beach, which also includes a cliff with a beak of water, is the meeting point par excellence for the nudists of the region and Portugal. However, there are many "spectators" and the number of visitors dressed has also increased.


Nudism and topless in Portugal is quite accepted

Nudism and topless in Portugal is quite accepted

- Praia do Salto


North of Praia Grande of Porto Covo, on the Alentejo coast: it is a small but sheltered beach.



- Praia dos Alteirinhos


South of Zambujeira do Mar beach, on the Alentejo coast, is a small rocky beach, very quiet.



- Praia das Adegas


South of Odeceixe beach, in the municipality of Aljezur, is a sandy beach easily exposed to the eyes of others. Something that does not bother nudists.



- Praia of Tavira Island


Located between Olhão and Tavira, in the Algarve, this vast beach is a quiet place of idyllic beauty to indulge in naturism.



- Praia du Barreta


Located at the entrance of Barra Nova, on the island of Deserta, in Faro, in the Algarve, this vast beach is only accessible by boat. The lifejacket will be removed only on arrival.




There are also places not officially recognized by the Portuguese authorities but which are widely accepted and tolerated by the population. Portugal has beaches wide enough to leave room for everyone. Lisbob has gathered for you these places conducive to the practice of topless, nudism and naturism in Portugal.


Nudism, topless and naturism are accepted in Portugal, but not everywhere

Nudism, topless and naturism are accepted in Portugal, but not everywhere

List of naturist beaches and nudist unofficial but tolerated in Portugal


- Praia do Salgado


Between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto, this beach, very quiet and vast, surrounded by vegetation, is a known place of occasional nudism


- Praia d'Estela


In Póvoa de Varzim, this vast beach with dune landscapes invites to days of leisure and escape in a natural setting of rare beauty.


- Praia du Palheirão


Located between Mira and Torch, this mountain range of about 4.5 kilometers is also sometimes sought after by naturists.


- Praia Gala Cova


South of Figueira da Foz, divided by pontoons, this beach is very popular with those who practice kitesurfing.


- Praia da Ursa


Located before Cabo da Roca, between Sintra and Cascais, it is a small beach with rocky escarpments, caves and sand. Despite being very beautiful this beach is difficult to access and is very popular with people dressed.


- Praia de Comporta


South of Troia, this beach of white sand and is also regularly visited by nudists, who find there enough tranquility to practice. 


- Praia de Malhão

At north of Vila Nova de Milfontes, between low cliffs and sources of fresh water, it is tolerated the practice of nudism in the north.


- Praia de Monte Velho

Situated south of the Lagoa de Santiago do Cacém, it is a vast golden sand.


- Praia da Bordeira

A side of the locality of Carrapateira, in the county of Aljezur, is a vast territory attractive . Sometimes a lagoon forms between the beach and the road.


- Praia das Cabanas Velhas

In the Algarve, between Lagos and Vila do Bispo, near Burgau, there is a wide beach protected by a cliff. In addition to easy access, there is also parking for parking. 


- Praia das Furnas

In the Algarve, between Vila do Bispo and Lagos, near Figueira, it is very difficult to find it. get there. This beach, for its beauty, has already been assimilated to a small paradise! 


- Beliche Beach

Between Cabo de São Vicente and the beach of Tonel, located at the bottom of a small bay dug on the cliff, this is another best unofficial naturist beaches.


- Praia das Cabanas Velhas

Near of Almádena, in the Algarve, this small beach with beautiful cliffs is also frequented by people who love to swim and sunbathe without clothes.


- Praia do Canavial

West of Ponta da Piedade in the Algarve, it is a wide beach with little width, adapted to the practice of nudism.

You will find amazing nudism beach in Portugal

You will find amazing nudism beach in Portugal


The rules and principles of the practice of nudism and naturism in Portugal


As in each country there are specific rules concerning the practice of nudism and naturism. 

Lisbob gives you the principles of naturist and nudist practice in Portugal: 

- Have a life based on natural principles and in harmony with nature ;

- Cultivate self-respect and the other by educating personal, civic and sporting contribution ;

- Helping to preserve the environment ;

- Having good physical and mental health through the contribution of nature ;

- Disseminating a social education based on the principles of acceptance of the body and natural nudity ;

- Accept as a natural condition the respect of the law and the respect of the institutions ;

- Fight all the forms of discrimination ;

- For animals also ;

- Prohibit the use of toxic products ;

- Make the culture and the promotion of the physical exercise in harmony with the principles of nature.

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