Portugal offers 6,500 euros to its emigrants coming back to work in the country

Portugal has decided to go even further in encouraging Portuguese immigrants to return. Indeed, the government has announced the intention to offer 6,500 euros to its emigrants who return to work in Portugal. Thus, the Portuguese government hopes to seduce all those who left with the crisis and have not yet returned to the country, where the birth rate is very low and the maintenance of the population above 10 million. inhabitants are expensive. This proposal was approved last March by the Council of Ministers and will enter into force in July under the name "Programa Regresar", intended for Portuguese as well as Portuguese-descendants. With the 50% discount in the IRS for people returning to Portugal, this is a second shock measure to encourage the return of Portuguese emigrants. There are, however, certain conditions, including the fact that assistance to returnees is only granted to emigrants with a contract of employment as an employee. What are the conditions to benefit from this program? How to access the € 6,500 premium? Lisbob, the assistant of expats in Portugal tells you all about the new incentive to return to the country of Portuguese emigrants.

Portugal offers 6,500 euros to its emigrants coming back to work in the country

Portugal offers 6,500 euros to its emigrants coming back to work in the country

Conditions of the "Program Coming Back"


This item might be out of sold ;)

This item might be out of sold ;)

"This is an active employment policy to support employment contracts and not to help people to come to Portugal to look for a job," said the Secretary of State for Employment, Miguel Cabrita, in the newspaper Publico.


This program is also intended for any Portuguese emigrant who left before 31 December 2015, who has lived abroad for at least 12 months and who starts working in Portugal between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020.

According to government estimates, led by the Socialist António Costa, about 1,500 people would benefit from the 10 million euros that the IEFP (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training) has reserved for this article.


This is not the only measure the executive has put in place to attract young people who left several years ago to escape the crisis.

Entrepreneur Program


"Empreender2020", launched by the Employers Association of Portugal Foundation (AEP) and to which Costa's government acceded in 2017, offers consular support to locate potentially interested parties.


This plan proposes, in the first place, a meeting point between young people and companies who wish to hire them via a specialized internet portal and, secondly, assistance for those wishing to create their own activity, whether in the field financial, financial or consultancy.

Low birth rate and an increasingly older population


The idea was born after discovering that Portugal was losing its population and continuing to age: the average age was over 44 years old. For example, the AEP conducted an extensive survey of more than 1,100 young people two years ago, revealing the revealing profile of these workers who left their posts, especially after 2010, when tens of thousands of people emigrated.


The low birth rate, with about 1.3 children per woman of childbearing age, and the increase in life expectancy, which now exceeds 80 years, are the main causes of the aging of the Portuguese population, and the flight brains during the crisis period poses structural problems to the Portuguese State budget, notably for the payment of pensions.


In fact, 23% of Portuguese municipalities have more retirees than active workers enrolled in social security. With the new program and this bonus of 6,500 euros, the Portuguese government hopes to return the emigrants and integrate them sustainably.

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